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FILE PHOTO: Selling metal scrap can be a lucrative business in India

Police in India were seeking to arrest members of a gang who dismantled a 60-feet-long iron bridge and likely sold it off in parts as scrap metal, officials said on Sunday.

The robbers, posing as government officials attached with the irrigation department in the eastern state of Bihar, used gas cutters and earthmoving machinery to break down an abandoned bridge in Amiyawar village, about 150 kilometres (93 miles) south from Patna, the state capital.

Selling metal scrap can be a lucrative business in India, where cases of theft of metal parts from public property to sell in large, unorganised scrapyards for quick cash are common.

A police officer said Amiyawar residents assumed that the government officials had decided to dismantle the old bridge, built over a water canal some three decades ago, as it was not in use. Villagers had previously submitted an application to the irrigation department to dismantle the bridge, one resident said.

“People came with heavy machinery, gas cutters and worked for two days during the day time to dismantle the bridge,” said Gandhi Chaudhary, 29, a villager. Locals asked those working about their identity and were told they had been hired by the irrigation department to dismantle the bridge.

Earlier in the week the scrap metal was loaded into a vehicle and the site was vacated.

“We have identified some members of the gang and some are yet to be tracked down. They destroyed public property and stole a bridge.” said Subash Kumar, a police official probing the case.
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A 12-year-old girl has been assaulted by her aunt for “stealing” her garri and fish in their family compound in Isiokolo, Ethiope East council of Delta State.

The aunt, identified as Mercy Oba, was said to have walked in on the young girl in her room as she picked the food items, and pounced on her.

The girl’s cries were said to have attracted her visually-impaired mother who pleaded with her sister to cease the beating.

The suspect reportedly attacked her sister, then shoved a stick and pepper into the 12-year-old’s private parts.

A rights activist, Kelvin Ejumudo, who got wind of the matter, led other colleagues to the scene to rescue the girl.

Narrating the incident to newsmen, Ejumudo said, “Mercy Oba is the sister to the blind woman. The blind woman’s daughter went to her room and took garri and fish. When the auntie met her in the room and asked ‘why are you stealing my food’? Igho said they (herself and mother) were hungry.

“She started beating the little girl. The blind mother managed to find her way down and pleaded for her to leave Igho, but she started to beat her too. The next thing, she carried the little girl to her room, put pepper in her private part and drove a stick into her vagina.

“People came and were holding her, but she threw their load outside, saying that they will no longer stay in the house. The next thing, she said she will kill them and nothing will happen.

“We got her arrested. She was detained in our presence and medical care was given to the girl and her blind mother”.

According to him, the doctor reported that the girl’s hymen has been broken because of the force the auntie used in driving the stick into her private parts.

He added that the matter will be charged to court today.

Police spokesman, DSP Bright Edafe confirmed the incident yesterday.
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Ekaterina Lisina once held the Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest legs, and new models for a living after retiring from a successful professional basketball career

A 6ft 9in tall Russian woman who holds the title for being the ‘tallest model in the world’ has opened up about her dating struggles.

Ekaterina Lisina once snapped up the Guinness World Record for having the “world’s longest legs”, measuring in at 4ft 3in.

And, the Russian athlete-turned-model has even enjoyed a successful professional basketball career, winning bronze at the 2008 Olympic Games before retiring from the sport.

But, speaking to former porn star Alexis Texas on her Private Talks podcast, the model opened up about her romantic life and admitted that her height often causes conflict when she’s trying to find a partner.

Ekaterina’s father is 6ft 6in, while her mother is 6ft 2in.

The model explained she was anxious when she discovered that she might also be lofty too.

“I was afraid because I know how kids and people generally react to height, and it’s not good,” she remembered.

And, as she grew older, Ekaterina’s height also began to play an unhelpful role in her romantic life.

“You know those problems when you like a boy but he’s much shorter, or you like a tall boy but he doesn’t want to be with you because you are too tall for him,” she explained.

But, given the fact that the average man is reported to stand at 5ft 9ins – a foot shorter than the model – Ekaterina accepted that she’d had to make some compromises when determining her dating boundaries.

“Probably 5ft 7in,” she revealed. “That’s the limit.”

Asked by Alexis whether she’d ever been with anyone shorter than that, Ekaterina responded: “No, I think it’s already really low for me.

“The difference is over one foot; a lot of girls can’t even handle a couple of centimetres’ difference and this is one foot.”

The model added: “Height shouldn’t matter in the relationship, it shouldn’t be the most important thing.”

Despite setting this boundary, Ekaterina admitted that she’d predominantly been dating men of a similar height while describing some of her requirements for a partner.

“He should definitely care about me… Giving his attention, support financially if he can,” she said.

“But I think the most important thing is chemistry, and a spiritual connection… If there is no spiritual connection and even if you like how the person looks it is not going to work anyway.”

When she initially moved to LA from her home country, Ekaterina admitted that she struggled to adapt to the new type of man she encountered, and disliked dating apps.

“I’m not a party person, I’m not a person who likes to go out,” she confessed. “I can’t say I met many people so I had to use a dating app because I don’t like to go out.”
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A Pakistani man Shahzaib Khan has killed his seven-day-old daughter in the city of Mianwali.

Khan shot the baby four times with a pistol.

The second-year university student was angry that the baby – his first child – was not a boy.

Khan was said to have desired a male offspring as the first child and was disappointed when his wife gave birth to a female child.

According to Gulf Today Report, Khan married Mashal Fatima two years ago and wanted a son as his first baby.

On learning of the birth of a daughter, Khan stayed away from home and refused to accept the child.

When he eventually came home, he approached his wife with a pistol and shot the newborn dead after snatching her from his wife.

Family members were said to be present in the house when the incident happened.

But they couldn’t stop him as he threatened to shoot that tried to intervene.

The baby was taken to a hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

The autopsy report showed the suspect had fired four bullets to kill the newborn.

Khan is on the run.
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Friends told police that the couple would often sniff the glue 'for a kick'

A man has died after using ultra-strong glue rather than a condom as contraception, it has been reported.

Drug user Salman Mirza, 25, sealed his penis shut with super-strong epoxy resin adhesive while having sex with his partner, police say.

Salman and his partner were sniffing the glue "for a kick" before deciding to use it as a contraceptive during their sex session at the Amber Hotel in Ahmedabad, a city in India's western state, Gujarat.

Within a day of check-in Salman was found lying unconscious in the "shrubs" in front of the hotel.

He was rushed to hospital but died shortly after.

Officers told the Times of India the pair decided to have sex after taking drugs.

"Since they did not have any protection, they decided to apply the adhesive on his private parts to ensure that she does not get pregnant," the paper reports.

Salman had the glue with him because the couple would often inhale the fumes, said a senior officer and friends of the deceased.

Since his death, the young man's family claim it was the former partner who applied the glue to his genitals.

They have filed a complaint with the police accusing his partner of murder.

Police said samples have been sent for forensic examination to work out whether this was the case. An autopsy is also underway.

The 25-year-old's official cause of death was due to "multiple organ failure", police say.

Salman was the sole breadwinner of the family, which comprised of his elderly parents and two sisters.

The investigation into his death, which happened in June but has only now been made public, is ongoing.

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Image: Sth475

Some might cringe, but at one Maryland chocolate shop, 17-year-old insects are flying off the shelves.

Sarah Dwyer, of Chouquette Chocolates in Bethseda, started coating cicadas in chocolate and selling them when the periodical Brood X emerged this spring for the first time since 2004.

Now her chocolate shop has a ten-day backlog for cicada orders. They are delicious, she says.

“When you combine the chocolate, the cinnamon, and the nuttiness of the bugs, it really gives you that holiday feeling of when you’re walking around a big city and they’re roasting nuts on the sidewalk, that cinnamon smell, it’s really what it tastes like,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer and her employees gather the cicadas from a copse of trees behind their chocolaterie. The bugs are so numerous, they land right on the employees. The cicadas are then put in a paper bag and placed in the freezer, where the cold temperature puts them to sleep before they die. She then boils the cicadas to clean them, and crisps them in an air fryer.

Once the cicadas have been fried, Dwyer sprinkles them with either cinnamon or savory Old Bay seasoning and they are ready to be covered in chocolate.

“I did go to pastry school in Paris to learn my dipping technique. I’m pretty sure no one thought I would be using it on cicadas,” she said.

For Dwyer, this is a chance for consumers to become more familiar with a type of protein she thinks will be a lot more popular by the next time these insects start to sing again.

“There’s not enough protein to go around, and I think, I really do think that in 2038, people will not think twice about eating a bug at all,” Dwyer said.

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Still from the video

A dance troupe’s performance at an Australian navy event created a furore on Thursday as initial criticism over apparent twerking at dignitaries turned into a story of inaccurate media coverage and criticism of the national broadcaster by the prime minister.

The Defence Department found itself in hot water over reports of inappropriate entertainment at the commissioning of a A$2 billion ($1.5 billion) naval ship in Sydney last weekend.

A seven-woman troupe dressed in black shorts, red crop tops and berets performed a dance routine that included twerking in front of the auxiliary vessel, HMAS Supply, on April 10, according to footage shown by the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) on Wednesday.

Video of the performance by the 101 Doll Squadron prompted criticism that it was too risque for a formal occasion.

The ABC report cut between shots showing the dancers and a crowd of dignitaries including Governor-General David Hurley, Queen Elizabeth’s representative in Australia. However, Hurley had not arrived at the time of the routine, a spokesman for the Australian Defence Force said.

The dance troupe, which the ADF said was hired as part of its engagement with the local community, were critical of the ABC, saying the report was “deceptive” and they were hurt and disappointed by their portrayal and resulting controversy.

“The media which purports to support women have been the most virulent,” the troupe said in a statement.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was disappointed over the “misreporting” that had misled people.

“I think that was disrespectful to the performers to suggest te Governor-General or others were in attendance,” he said at a news conference in Perth.

In a statement, the ABC said it had updated its footage to reflect the fact that the Governor-General and Chief of Navy were not in attendance for the dance routine, and apologised to its viewers and both men for the error.

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Dananeer Mobeen, 19, a social media influencer who has become famous after her five-second video went viral, speaks during an interview with Reuters, in Karachi, Pakistan February 27, 2021. Picture taken February 27, 2021. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

A 19-year-old Pakistani student who shot to fame after her five-second video went viral on social media across the subcontinent, hopes numerous renditions of her monologue will translate into more dialogue between rival neighbours India and Pakistan.

The short video shot by Dananeer Mobeen in the Nathaigali mountains of northern Pakistan and uploaded onto Instagram shows a group of youngsters enjoying themselves by a roadside.

Swinging around the device she is filming on, Mobeen gestures behind her and says in Urdu, “This is our car, this is us, and this is our party taking place.”

Seemly innocuous, she deliberately mispronounces the English word “party” as “pawri” to poke fun at South Asians who adopt Western accents. It immediately struck a chord in both India and Pakistan, sparking top trending hashtags on social media, and garnering millions of views and hundreds of spin-offs.

“It was the most random video. I initially had no intention of uploading it,” Mobeen said, expressing surprise at how viral it had gone and adding the trend showed the power and reach of social media.

“Pawri” monologue renditions have been used by police in India and the Delhi Commission for Women in their social media outreach campaigns.

In one video, two Indian soldiers deployed in snowy mountains give it their own spin with “This is us, this is our gun, and we are patrolling here”, while popular Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone each did a version that also went viral.

Indian dairy company Amul, known for inculcating trendy takes on current issues in its advertisements, did a “this is our pav-tea” version, in a nod to a popular bread snack eaten with tea.

Even politicians jumped on the bandwagon, with a leader from India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party using the catchy hook at an election rally.

“I’m honoured and grateful for all the love across the border,” said Mobeen, expressing her happiness at fostering some rare friendly cross-border dialogue.

India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed nations, have fought three wars and often had tense relations since gaining independence in 1947.

Relations had most recently soured over developments in the northern region of Kashmir, which both countries control in parts but claim in full.

Last week, their militaries released a rare joint statement saying they had agreed to observe a ceasefire along the disputed Kashmir border, after exchanging fire hundreds of times over past months.

Since the video went viral, Mobeen said she has been inundated with acting and modelling offers, along with requests for product endorsements. Instead, she says she aspires to join Pakistan’s foreign services.

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A popular chain of Chinese tea shops has apologised for a range of cups and teabags sporting sexist slogans, after they sparked widespread outrage on the internet, the Shanghai Daily reported on Monday.

Modern China Tea Shop, based in southern China’s Hunan province, was selling tea bags captioned with “the mouth says no but the body says yes,” and “my dear, I want you.”

One mug referred to women as a “big bargain,” saying that customers could pick up an unexpected deal by meeting beautiful women while they wait for their tea.

Modern China apologised on Saturday, saying it took responsibility for offending women and would not mistake sexist jokes for creative ideas in the future, Shanghai Daily reported.

The offending items are no longer on sale, the newspaper added.
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A screaming session with a group seeking emotional release from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) confinements REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Tired of COVID-19 confinement and seeking both communion and emotional release, some Israelis have taken to group screaming.

A record vaccine rollout has done little to ease Israel’s pandemic curbs. Next month’s election – the fourth in two years, due to coalition infighting and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal woes – has many complaining of malaise.

While some Israelis take part in street demonstrations, others take to nature and shout to the heavens.

“We decided to meet, our group together, in order to take the group screaming so that we can release our bad energies,” said Mary Peery, leading 10 mostly elderly companions on a yell-punctuated hike through an orange orchard and over a hilltop.

“When we do it in a group it’s like a prayer … and maybe God will hear us and release us from this COVID-19 curse.”

To scream, the group stood in choric proximity and removed their masks, drawing looks from passersby. One of the organisers played down any health risk, however, saying everyone in the group had either recovered from COVID-19 or been vaccinated.