Herald Poems: Everybody
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EVERYBODY pass through one thing or the other, hopefully you find this poem interesting. You can find all of my poems herehere.

Everybody hurts sometimes,
There's a time I remember,
When I did not know happiness.

Everybody hurts someday,
There's is a time I put on fake smile all day,
And cry all night for things I couldn't change.

Everybody feel lost sometimes,
There's a time I felt like taking my life,
A time all I felt was pains.

Everybody feels betrayed sometimes,
There's a time I gave up on friendship,
A time you needed them the most,
And they turned their back on you.

Everybody loses loved ones,
There's is a time all I can hear
is my sister's voice saying ''DAD IS DEAD'' 
The most painful three words I have ever heard,
I Never had the opportunity to say
Thank you or goodbye, I will always remember.

Everybody gets heartbroken
There's a time broken heart is the only thing
That is broke about me,
A time I gave up on love.

Everybody will always win,
There's a time all I want is breakthrough,
A time where winning is the only option,
But everything will be alright,
If I don't win today, I will tomorrow,
I will fight till my last breathe.

Written by Anthony Okolie


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