Herald Poems: More Than Just Words
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash
Some feelings sometimes are MORE THAN JUST WORDS. I hope you enjoy this poem.  You can have your say in the comment section. You can find all my poems here.

I have been trying to get your attention
From miles away,
I don't mean to be desperate,
I am sorry, but I can't let go this feelings.

I miss you so, but I am scared of getting 
Used to seeing People come and go,
I really want you to want me,
But I know it so hard for you to do that.

Nothing can break this feeling inside
That is burning through my veins,
I guess it's time I run far, far away;
To find comfort in my pain.

Has the distance blurred your feelings
Am I fading from your mind?
Is it hopeless or maybe you still want to
Meet me at our favourite spot?

It hurt the moment I saw you with someone else,
It hurt the moment you told me the love is gone,
It hurt the moment you held his hand,
It hurt the moment you kissed him,
It just hurt, every thoughts hurt.

I never meant to hurt you,
I never meant any word I said, 
I messed up and I know it
If I hurt you darling I'm sorry.

I have let go every word you said,
I have seen the look of anger in your face,
Close your eyes and they'll all be gone.

All I have is silent tears,
An empty smile,
A wishful look.

How I wish I could walk through
The doors of my mind,
How I wish I could play this memories
In cinema for you to see,
I'm so cold, it's more than just words.

The weather is getting colder,
If you need a hand to hold,
I will come running, because
You and I can't part till we die.

Written by Anthony Okolie


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