Characteristics Of A Good Wife
No doubt women are well created just as the men, the difference is that the man is set to head the woman, but for a home to grow, glow and grace, the woman plays a vital role to the success of any home.

Therefore, a good wife or woman should possess some of this qualities listed below...

1. Christ-likeness: This involves being born again not with corruptible seed but a genuine born again. so let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

2. Charity: no home succeeds where there is no charity which is love. charity endures, its tolerant, forgives, builds and maintains stability in relationship, endeavour to be charitable.

3. Chastity: No preasure of any thing whatsoever should drive you outside your matrimonial home to indulge in an act of infidelity, stay with your man no matter what.

4. Confidence: Have believe in yourself and in your partner that though storms may blow, in penury and plenty nothing should distort your trust. make your marriage and relationship work!

5. Consistency: Avoid been easily and cheaply sweep off your foots. dunt start what you cant finish, hold your peace, passion, pursuits, cherish your love, loyalty and your relationship with high tempo and avoid discouragement.

6. Character: if any thing must fall flat in your relationship not ur character because when ALL has failed character will speak for your. adopt good character.

7. Commitment: be completely committed to your relationship, commitment will make submission easy for your, dunt be double minded when you know you are in the right stand for truth and justice. be committed to your home and relationship.

8. Courage: Chances arw that discouragement will come,to test your stand, dunt fall flat to fate believing that all is lost. tough times dunt last but tough people do. iif your relationship must work and last the toughness must start from you.

9. Caring: Of-cos caring is essential in all relationship, care for ur partner, your home, your family and future because a relationship without caring will collapse.

10. Continuity: A little drops of water turns into an ocean, so dunt give up in that thing you know will make your relationship work even if it appears not to have taking effect now, with time all will be well if you dunt give up to negative fate.

Hope these little tips helps?

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